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Environmental factors for development of autoimmune (type 1) diabetes and celiac disease in children (pgs. 18-23) [PDF]
Diabetolog Nytt (Swedish language publication) – 2019 Vol. 32, Issues 1-2

Distinct stages in infant microbiome development identified
Baylor College of Medicine News – October 24, 2018

Importance of infant diet in establishing a healthy gut
Newcastle University Press Office – October 24, 2018

Early TEDDY findings will ‘change the conversation about type 1 diabetes in youth’
ADA Daily – June 23, 2018

Genetic discovery may help better identify children at risk for type 1 diabetes
Jagwire News – January 17, 2018

Enough vitamin D when young associated with lower risk of diabetes
CU Anschutz Today – October 23, 2017

Common antibiotics not associated with increased risk of Type 1 diabetes or celiac disease in children
UF Health – October 9, 2017

The risk of type 1 diabetes not increased by swine flu vaccine Pandemrix
Lund University – October 9, 2017

Toddler behavioral symptoms may hint at celiac disease
Reuters – February 22, 2017

Hydrolyzed Infant Formula Doesn’t Reduce Islet Autoimmunity
Medscape – January 25, 2017

Feeding at-risk infants gluten increases risk of developing celiac disease
ScienceDaily – November 12, 2015

Early probiotic use may decrease risk of islet autoimmunity in children at risk for type 1 diabetes
USF Health News – November 9, 2015


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