How to request access to TEDDY data/samples for an ancillary study

Ancillary studies and requests for access to TEDDY data and/or samples will be evaluated with careful consideration of their potential impact on the objectives and performance of the TEDDY Study. Studies that complement the objectives and there by enhance the value of the TEDDY Study are strongly encouraged. These studies however, must not interfere with the continued interest and participation of the study subjects and investigators.

To protect the interests of the TEDDY Study, each ancillary study must be individually reviewed by the TEDDY Ancillary Studies Committee and approved by the TEDDY Steering Committee before its initiation. All approved ancillary studies will be reviewed by the Ancillary Studies Committee yearly for progress and impact on the TEDDY Study as a whole.

Policies and Guidelines

TEDDY Protocol Sample Availability

US Autoantibody Reference Lab (Barbara Davis Center for Childhood Diabetes, Denver, CO)

European Autoantibody Reference Lab (Southmead Hospital, Bristol, UK)

TEDDY Study Invitations to Negotiate (ITN)

TEDDY Publications

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